Some Css Not Rendering In Ie9 - Links, Margin

Hey guys, I am building a site in CS-Cart v4.0.3 and am having an issue with IE9.

Everything looks perfect in Chrome, Firefox and IE10. When I test on IE9 though some CSS is not being recognized or accepted.

For example, the static top menu. I can see, using the F12 dev console on IE9, that the CSS IS there, but is crossed out. Here is what it SHOULD look like and here is what is showing in IE9.

I am seeing a number of other small issues with alignment etc only in IE9 as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated…


For reference, here is my website.

Anyone have any ideas?

ttt Any help would be great.

This is killing me. Seriously, no one else has this issue with IE 9?