[Solved] Change Newsletter Form Content

We are using Mailchimp integration with our 4.2.3 cart and our subscriber form presently says "Subscribe and get 10% off your order!" which is no longer valid.

I want to change that text to say something else.

Unfortunately I simply cannot find this string anywhere:

  • It is not editable within CS Cart as it is a "static" template "Email marketing: newsletter subscription form" and there is no way to edit these templates that I can find
  • It is not a "Language" string so I cannot change it in "Translations"
  • It is not a text string as using grep -rnw '/www/[not for public] -e "Subscribe and get 10% off your order" does not find it
  • It is not in the database as searching the entire sql database cannot find it so if it is in there it is hashed
  • I cannot find it in our Mailchimp account

Why am I so intent to trying to work with this built in template? Because I need our staff to be able to modify the offer as needed and because I do not want to break the formatting and responsiveness of the current template.

Thus, please help if you know where this string lives, or how I can change it to say something else.



Solved it. I never found where this string was being called from, but in the end after looking at the template code I decided it had to be coming from the Languages section and changed the "stay_connected" field to my chosen string.

which plugin are you using for mailchimp integration ?

The one supplied with CS Cart.

which plugin are you using for mailchimp integration ?


Please check

When we enable this plugin it says that it is incompatible. Not sure whats the issue ?

It is incompatible with Newsletters add-on. Disable it first.

[08-Dec-2015 15:37:07 Asia/Calcutta] PHP Fatal error: Class 'Tygh' not found in /app/addons/email_marketing/Tygh/Backend/EmailSync/Mailchimp.php on line 32
[08-Dec-2015 15:37:10 Asia/Calcutta] PHP Fatal error: Class 'Tygh' not found in /app/addons/email_marketing/Tygh/Backend/EmailSync/Mailchimp.php on line 32

Getting an error when i enable the email marketing plugin post disabling the newsletter plugin

Seems to be a bug. I think you should contact support team


What was the reason?



Can somebody let me know where can I modify this news letter title? We are not planning on giving any discounts but we want people to subscribe to news from our marketplace.