(Solved) 4.13.1 - Vendor User Group, Broken?

Hi everyone,

we are a bit at a loss right now due to the changes made to the user groups. Perhaps someone has a solution for us, as right now we don't really know how to manage the privileges for vendors.

The main problem for this, is that the "Vendor" user group is very limited when it comes to selecting what they can and can't do. [attachment=15013:vendor user group.png]

Before the update, the privileges looked a bit more like how the "Administrator" user group looks right now, and the privileges/restrictions that you can choose under the "admin" user group also make a lot more sense.

Unfortunately, it is only possible to link a vendor account to a "vendor" user group under vendor plans, as I have tried to make an administrator user group and call it " Vedor Administrator" but it can't be linked.

Right now, with the limited choice of options to choose from, vendors have access to certain administration areas such as the profile fields for customers, vendors & admins, and can make changes there. [attachment=15014:privileges.png]

Furthermore, they also have access to all the tabs under Shipping & taxes, which means that they can change rate areas, countries etc.

Luckily, we are using the EZ Vendor Fields add-on, which allows us to simply hide these fields from vendors, but this is not a solution.

There should be an option to give vendors "read only" access to these areas and not full access.

Basically, the "Vendor" user group should theoretically have the same options in regards to the different privileges as the "Administrator" type, but of course it should be at the root admin's discretion which privileges are full acess, view only and no access.

I'm interested to hear if anyone else has encountered this issue.


vendor user group.png


A custom add-on led to the "vendor" user group to be displayed as shown above.

We are now trying to find what caused it.