Software That Might Help in Development of CS-Cart

I won a software called PhpED from NuSphere at by submitting an award winning script there. I’m sure if this was submitted there, cs-cart could win something too. They have several cool prizes. Not to mention the fact that it’s the largest source code repository on the Web.

Now more about PhpED. It is an advanced development tool for PHP. It also has a debugger that will alert you to any bad pieces of code. This will show a red zig-zag underline like Microsoft Word’s Spell Check. It also has a built-in PHP manual.

Where is this software at? Click here. For president’s day, it’s on sale for $50 off.

By the way, any statements about their software is 100% true in my opinion.

Other Great Software I Use:

RegexBuddy - Test your Regular Expressions before using them and get help using it in over 15 programming languages.

HeidiSQL - Makes it a snap to work with MySQL. In my opinion, even easier than MS Access.

FileZilla - An open-source FTP application. Works very fast and easily.

i haven’t seen this in forever, looks like they added smarty to it’s list of capabilities, nice, I should have bought it a long time ago, it was never $250+ then, I almost VOMITED dinner all over my keyboard when i saw there using X-Craap uugh…