Social Media Links

I am looking to add pinterest to my site and would like the pinterest logo link beside facebook and twitter links, how do i add it to my site, or is there a add on?

Dear Swifty,

Unfortunatelly we haven't heard about such addon.

That is why we are glad to offer you our custom development service.

Please contact us to get a free quote.

Best regards, Alt-team.

Try to search over the forum. If I am not mistaken, someone solved this task.

I think the forum solution is to delete the cscart provided block and add a HTML block with your own chosen social media links and graphics. Shame on cscart for not making their social block more flexible.

It's better to add your own HTML block with your own images for now. Thats what i did. Cs cart should really embed that in the future.

Added a block social links html to the default page at the very top on the left hand side of two existing blocks displayed to the right hand side of the page, the problem is the social link text is displayed slightly below the text of the two existing block text.

How do i get the social link text to be on the same horizontal line as the two existing block text's.