Social Media Button - Add-On Legality

Hello dear community, we have a question about the legally correct use of social media button plugins (Facebook, Instagram - visit us & share to...).

We in Germany have to use the so-called "2-click solution".

This means that after the first click on the button the customer has to confirm the forwarding.

Does any of you know a corresponding module or how did you solve this?

Many thanks in advance!

Kind regards,

Paul & Sören

Hallo Paul und Sören,

wollen wir uns mal auf Slack treffen - mir scheint, Ihr habt dieselben Probleme wie wir - aber vielleicht andere, so dass wir uns helfen könnten! Bernhard

Schicke euch eine Einladung für die deutschen Slack CS-Cart Gruppe (es sei denn Ihr seid schon da, dann lets talk).


Hello there! I also need to know exactly what Paul & Sören ask. Can someone clarify this issue please?

Many thanks


Hey, thanks for the solution.

Unfortunately, I am working as an intern at an e commerce company that makes use of cs-cart so I can not make use of pre-build addons. However, I know my way with PHP and so I am ready to make changes in the code if need be.