Social Login Not Collecting User Info

I am using the Social Login Add on in this CS-cart install. When the user clicks the "login with Facebook" button, a popup window comes up saying "connecting to Facebook", the pop up goes away and it takes the user to a "Specify Email page". The Add-On is not collecting any information from Facebook. I have confirmed the scope in the Facebook.php and it seems to be requesting all the necessary data. Even if the user enters their email they get a message saying "account created", but there is no data other then the email address in the back end.

Im wondering if this has to do with a Facebook SDK update that needs updating on the cs-cart side. I have also tried to download the Hybrid Auth 2.51 update and replace the file with those and still it doesn't gather the information.

Please help.

Thank you.

Same problem here.

We suggest you to contact CS-Cart team. If there is a bug in default module, they will not take credits from your account