Social Buttons Plugin Broken?


I am looking at all of the sites I setup and manage and saw that the social buttons no longer appear below the products description.

So on this site: created a facebook app and tried to get back the buttons.

That didn't work. Instructions for the social buttons plugin are here:

I have followed what little instructions are found there to the letter. It got me nowhere. Also, no information in the forums or some other place. Seems strange to me that nobody else has this problem. I am faced with the same issue on all cs-cart installations I manage. What gives?

are you using an adblocker on you browser? I do and had the same issue, I visited your site and AdBlock plus showed it was blocking 2 ads, disabled it on that page and a text link to tweet the product was then displayed

I do not use adblocker, but the buttons are still not displayed. However, I see facebook code in the source code of the page. Please contact support team. Examination is required