So Promotions Make Qty Discounts Seem Pricier?

So qty discounts have been working well but I have been applying promotions and now the qty discounts seem more expensive - should they not adapt to the promotion?

For example:



Unsure what you mean exactly, can you explain more.

do you mean you have added a promo and qty discounts have increased in price, cant see how that would happen tbh

The promo has reduced this product to £182.02 yet the qty discounts are displayed as being without the promo still:

Quantity 2+ £[font=Lato][size=3]186.24[/size][/font]

By Promo, do you mean you have applied a list price.

If so the product qty discounts work only from the “price” field. you may try and change your qty discounts to be by precentage and not absolute, should work

Yes they are already as a percentage working fine with options etc. I added a promotion in Marketing > Promotions on a range and it has reduced the price there but the qty discounts are still displayed at the higher prices!?

I see, not sure then if applied through promo. I think if they are applied via list price in product details page the discounts work with that.

so if your list says £19.00 and your “price” says 17.00, the discounts will work if percentage is used.


Well I guess I need to open a support ticket to work this one out and disable these promotions. All of these products have been disaproved now in google merchant center due to mismatching pricing so it just seems a complete mess!

Product Price & List price both set to £192

5% promotion applied to a selection of products reducing the price to £182.40 correctly

Incorrectly still displaying qty discounts (which are percentage based) as discounts off the £192 still

Google shopping feed is still saying the product is £192, causing Google to disapprove it as we advertise at £182.40


I have now cloned this example and hidden it with the promotion applied only to it until this is resolved: [url=“”][/url]

I dont understand why you are adding the same price in both fields, if you want to give lower price just set price in “LIST PRICE” to be higher, this will then display lower price in storefront and will also add Sale image. No need for adding promotions then and merchant centre should then be OK I think