So I bit the bullet on Vista

I was just wondering what any of you think about Windows Vista. Even though we build computers, I’ve been very reluctant to install it on any of my customers systems. I built a new computer for my grandaughter this past weekend and decided to give Vista a try. I installed Vista Home Premium.

I have to admit, I’m pretty impressed so far. Hers was basically a 100% new system, including all software, so everything works very nicely. It recognized her printer and installed it without a hitch.

So I get up in the middle of the night last night, and as always, I went to check my email and I find my computer doing the Boot Loop Boogie. ****!!! I shut it down and figured I’ll just deal with it in the morning. Well **** again!! There was nothing I could do to get the system to boot up. The problem seemed to be a corrupted Windowz file that killed the boot. Grrrrrrr!

Well I had a 500 Gig Seagate drive that wasn’t doing anything so I decided to stick it in and go ahead and install Vista. We’re a Microsoft partner and I get their Action Pack, which includes 10 Vista Business licenses. So far, most everything is working fine. It recognized my Ricoh printer and installed the driver for it. The only problem I’ve had is with my scanner, but it’s really old so I guess I can’t really expect it to be supported anymore. I’m going to spend the rest of the week restoring my stuff, but I’m pretty happy so far. I’m just hoping I can get the data off the old drive.

Anybody have an opinion about Vista?

I won’t touch it with my ten foot pole, having been screwed over has advantages for life lessons. Effectively I can’t see myself upgrading for another 3-4 years since I can’t justify usage past my system usage already.

Since most of us here would be geeky enough or at least understand the necessity to install device drivers I doubt most people would have usage for it. All my business associates were force fed Vista when they upgraded their business laptops (Can’t purchase XP for laptops) and have been plagued with my presence ever since.

I’m personally providing XP licenses for all my PCs that I build.

Maybe Vista matured… or we’re just awaiting another SP pack hehe

I’ll wait three years.

I was planning on waiting as well, but my Hitachi drive, which has all of my critical data, took a dump, big time. I had a virus slip through the net eearlier this week and I thought I had it cleaned off the system, but apparently not. Now I have to send the drive off to the data recovery place. Maybe they’ll give me a discount since I’m a reseller for them. (Wishful thinking).

That’s what I get for installing a Hitachi. Shoulda bought a Seagate. Oh well. I guess we learn from our very expensive mistakes. :sad:

I only use Seagates / Western Digital personally.

Maxtor / Hitachi = extra support calls for me.

My new sytem has Vista and so far the issues I had was software not being compatible. Now it seems that all the vendors have or are releasing the Vista updates and everything is working great. It does take longer to boot than XP even on a Dual Core Processor. Did not like that it asked you everytime you install something. Nice feature for beginners but probably will scare them…lol.

Otherwise I think Vista is a great OS

Vista is just a nightmare. Unless you have a minimum of 2 gigs of ram give up now. Even then you won’t have enough memory to do what you want after you start filling it up. Take a look at your task manager after a stock install and you’re looking at 500+ megs being used just by the OS. Vista was made to look pretty and that is about it. Stick to XP if you’re a windows guy, otherwise good ol linux will never let you down!

I have vista, have been using it for a couple of months now and ive decided when i have time im going to back everything up and go back to XP.

Vista is very very nice to look at, very smooth, but VERY VERY thirsty on resources! My computer stays on 24/7 and its starting to get annoying being woken up in the middle of the night with my cpu fan trying its damned hardest to keep the system cool, some nights its so bad i end up switching off the computer… there is one good thing though, i dont have to have the heating on in the bedroom anymore! LOL

Yeah, like i say its very sleek and nice to look at, but like Litecomp says, unless you have loads and loads of memory and a very good, Xtra quiet cooling system its pretty ****, now where did i put that XP serial number…hmmmmm

I’ve just bought a new laptop which came with vista, the first thing i did after taking out of the box was re-format and install XP. Vista is too memory hungry.

Thats why motherboards take in excess of 8GB, with memory speeds in excess of 900MHz and is soooo cheap :lol:

I’ve actually had a fairly pleasant experience with it so far. It’s ceratinl;y different looking, but if you look a little bit further under the hood you’ll find the old, familiar interface, sort of. Things got easier after that.

So far, I’ve only had one program and one piece of hardware that won’t work. What really did surprise me was that Peachtree 2002 worked. I expected that to blow up in my face, but instead it went in fine and works like it’s supposed to.

My scanner is another story. It’s just way too old. Time to get one of those fancy multi-function printers I guess. Glad I have dealer accounts with most of the big printer manufacturers. I love my big Ricoh color laser. But it doesn’t have a scanner.

Vista is like “Marmite” you either love it or hate it

For me Ive been having to run it to test my software, altough im now used to it and slowly the bugs im finding are getting less annoying.

It is a very power hungry OS but not so bad with a decent system.

I tend to have quite a few intensive applications open at once and dont have any major issues with vista, some things infact are better but the vista start menu is absolutely terrible… and the sidebar keeps suffering from widgets hiding themselves alot.

Overall XP is far more stable but so it should be with its 1000’s of patches under its belt.

[quote name=‘zardos’]Thats why motherboards take in excess of 8GB, with memory speeds in excess of 900MHz and is soooo cheap :lol:[/QUOTE]

Agree with this comment, mine takes up to 16GB though only running 4GB

This is the way to go, as you known it’s the operating system that slows down new technology.

I am also a computer professional and I actually went from XP to Vista and then reverted back.

There is nothing wrong with Vista it has a lot of very good features depending on the version selected.

The problem is me, I am so busy with my own work in development that I do not have the time to learn a different way of doing something with the operating system. At present I have my editors, applications etc and I just do what needs to be done.

Therefore for my needs XP has it all, however I know that this will not be for ever, but there has to be a significant leap in new hardware and application software for me to use it in the future.

Vista to me is Bill Gates way to make a few more billion dollars on a product that operationaly is not significantly better.

This can be evidenced by Microsoft allowing business users to buy Vista business licenses and load XP Proffesional and they would register the Vista COA against the XP Pro, clearly means that they have a problem getting business’s across.

My firm is still selling 10 XP Home to 1 Vista Basic.


[quote name=‘zardos’]Thats why motherboards take in excess of 8GB, with memory speeds in excess of 900MHz and is soooo cheap :lol:[/quote]

Its a shame Vista 32 only supports 4gb ram (taking into account video ram)

so only 3.5gb would actually be available to the OS…

Vista 64 ultimate supports upto 128gb ram, shame the drivers / software support arnt upto much yet.