Smtp Mail Issue

I am having an issue when setting up SMTP. I can send email through gmail using my servers SMTP account. The problem I believe is that gmail makes me use my IP address for my SMTP server instead of I can get mail to send using the SMTP email settings using my hostname but the emails sent are not using TLS even though I have that selected in my settings. Here are some screen shots.

The image smtp_not-secure sends mail but it is not secured using TLS like it should be.

The smtp_not-work does not work at all. It also doesnt work if I use my IP address for SMTP host.

I also attached my profix and so you can see my settings. Thanks for the help.



I added this to my

smtpd_use_tls = yes
= yes
= may
= may

Stil email sent form cs cart is not being secured via TLS like the settings suggest.

I think its working correctly now. Emails are showing as TLS encrypted.