Smtp Configutation Problem


i had to change mine to this

Gmail configruration issue. Looks like you're authenticating with a different user than what your gmail SMTP is setup to use. But really not enough detail to know. for sure.


i left port number and ssl plus I changed all of these and it worked

User department e-mail address:
Site administrator e-mail address:
Order department e-mail address:
Help/Support department e-mail address:
Reply-To newsletter e-mail address:
thank you for your help!

You deleted all the "_________ e-mail address:"s? I'm having a similar problem, but I'm not getting an error message anymore. But I check the emails it's supposed to be sending to when I change status of vendor or send a test newsletter email, and nothing comes through, nor in spam folders. Help?

If you're not getting any error messages then you will have to work with gmail to determine what they are receiving and where the emails are going.

Alternatively you can use our Log Email addon which will create a log entry for every email sent from your site with the 'To' and 'Subject' fields. It will also allow you to set a 'CC' field for all emails. It's just one tool in diagnosing email issues. It will tell you that the email has been processed in the cart and is then ready to be sent to the SMTP (or other) provider.