SMB Essentials Re-designed

Today we launched the new redesigns SMB Essentials has been using cs cart for several years and loves the flexibility of the software.

We started with an AlgoZone based template and did a good bit of customization to it.

I hope you like the work.

Nice Clean design, looks good. I do notice a problem with your images being very grainy. I had this problem too and you need to go to your admin>settings>thumbnails and uncheck the “resize original thumbnail” box. Looks like you’re on 2.1.1 and this should clear your images. However, this will only fix anything new that you add. Think you have to re-import your images some how to reflect your new changes. Don’t know much about that.

Seems a bit on the slow side here in eastern part of the U.S. Other than that It’s a nicely put together site. Really simple, but really easy to navigate and fun to use. Nice site colors.

I also just noticed on your blog that I don’t see a link to get me back to the main store. I might be missing it but should be easier to get back or just have the blog open in a new window.

Your privacy policy has a few broken or 404 links. Not sure your find location page is working correctly. The news and events seems to link to nothing. I get a 404 on the skin care articles link. Don’t see the presence of a ssl cert and I don’t know what forms of payment you accept. Might want to add a favicon to match the site.

You might already be aware of these things and only looking for design feedback, but mentioned them anyway. I like the design!:wink:



Thanks for the quick reply. I have been troubleshooting this all morning and missed a few things. Most of what you mentioned is now resolved. I am getting updated product images to reimport and updating the blog with a link back to the cart.

I appreciate the feedback.


Other than the flash being slow, nice light and clean design.

You might want to consider a javascript slideshow versus flash (if you’re using flash). Took about 5 seconds to just load the flash from west coast US.