Smarty: Unable To Load Template Tygh 'index.tpl'

Trying to do a fresh install of 4.3.5 which installed OK and then I then coped my production database and pointed the new version at that and copied images over and pointed the Store setup to the url subdirectory.

Admin works perfect but for the store page I get this error

Smarty: Unable to load template tygh 'index.tpl' -->

and a store unavailable sign.

Is there anywhere I need to be looking to fix this problem.



Clear cache. However, if your production site is not 4.3.5 also, then using the same database is not a good idea.

Such issue can be caused by the reason, that in the database non-installed theme is indicated as active.

My production and new install are the same version 4.3.5. I want to test the upgrade to 4.3.6 and then move it into production

I have cleared the cache but that did not fix.

Themes may be the problem. I am using a non-responsive theme but the only themes in the new installed 4.3.5 are responsive.

Is this it ?

In the cscart_settings_objects table try to change the value of the setting with the theme_name name. It should correspond to the folder name of the installed theme

I have now fixed my problem by:

1. Enabling basic themes as per this post

2. Install basic themes in admin > design > themes > browse available themes

3. Copying my theme folder from production to my new install from design/themes

4. Selecting my theme and style

All works now (as far as I can tell so far)

Thanks for your help

I upgrade my site to a latest version v.4.10.2 respectively using admin upgrade center.

In admin panel , I Installed and activated my theme but i can't see my frontend.

Smarty: Unable to load template tygh 'administration_panel.tpl' in 'index.tpl' -->

Why this error??

Please help me to find the issue.

If your theme is base on Responsive one, please make sure that the following file exists and has correct permissions