Smarty Compiler Issue - After Upgrade To Mariadb 10.1

I am getting a Smarty Compiler syntax error when you visit a content page and not any of the stores system pages (cart, product, category and checkout pages), just where I have added content related to shipping, general terms etc.

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Smarty Compiler: Syntax error in template "/home/pasioonline/public_html/design/themes/abt__unitheme/templates/addons/abt__unitheme/hooks/pages/page_extra.override.tpl" on line 28 "{assign var="discussion" value=$subpage.page_id|fn_get_discussion:"A":true:$smarty.request}" unknown modifier "fn_get_discussion" -->

It might occurred after I upgraded from MySQL 5.6 to MariaDB.

Any thoughts here from anyone if this is common and or how to fix it ? A downgrade is unfortunately not the first option as I am seeking better performance in general on my server.

Oh boy, I had not noticed that the error is due to dependency of UniTheme with the Comments & Review addon in CS Cart. Reactivating the Comments and Review addon solved the issue.



I had this problem with the Thin Theme too. So are you basically hosed if you disable that add-on or is there a way to fix it?