Smarty code or variable to call category image

Im looking to display each categories image to the left of the category in the categories side block. To do so i just need to know the smarty code or variable to call the image.

So far ive got

<br />
<img src="{$icon_image_path|default:$config.no_image_path}" alt="{$images.icon.alt}" {if $image_onclick}onclick="{$image_onclick}"{/if} border="0" /><br />

```<br />
<br />
If someone could let me know how i can call the images i would really appreciate that.


I’m looking to obtain the same goal as you! Have you solved this issue, please?

Thanks, best regards

Wow, this is old post, no replies… I am looking for this also.

Did you figure it out?


Just view the files in the SKINS directory and look for the category listing files. Not something that takes two years to find.