Smart Optimizer Warning on 2.2.1

I just upgraded my site from 2.1.4 to 2.2.1. The upgrade went pretty easy and I didn’t have much for problems thanks to the My Changes addon.

So after I got everything upgraded, I decided to switch SmartOptimizer back on. It was functioning fine until I added Snorocket’s solution of just going to a product if a customer views a category with only one product. (I love that mod)

Anyways, after I did Sno’s fix, SmartOptimizer said that there was a file missing the file is:


Sure enough, that file didn’t exist. I’m not really sure if it is really needed or not, but SmartOptimizer sure thought so.

After using Google, I was able to find that file and I put it on my server. Now I don’t get any errors.

I’ve attached the file to this post. Is it ok I did that? Does CS-Cart actually need that file? If not, why would SmartOptimizer complain to me about it?

I’d appreciate any suggestions.




I had to zip the file since the forum wouldn’t let me upload a .js file.

Looks like it was distributed in the 2.0 and 2.1 releases but not 2.2. So I'll bet you either have an addon that is expecting it or you have not cleared your SO cache.

I would remove it and find the root cause of the problem rather than potentially having a jquery mismatch between what cs distributed in 2.0/2.1 and what they are now distributing with 2.2.


Good call on the SO cache. I deleted the contents of that and deleted the JS file and then, no more errors.

I always like doing the harder things first, it makes things more interesting.

Thank you for the help,


Hah, I guess I spoke to soon. I cleared the SO cache and then replied to this thread because I thought everything was cool, but now the error is back.

Any other ideas?

Thanks again,


You have something old that is trying to load it.

Disable all 3rd party addons and then re-enable one by one and see when the error returns.