Smaller Image Sizes Sometimes Distorted

My images are sized at 1100pi high and of varying width, but mostly 733p wide. I notice that the main image and zooms are fine but small and thumbnail sizes on my site often show distortion. Any ideas as to what the problem could be would be appreciated.

Thanks for any insights.

What version? Did you do a fresh install or an upgrade?


Please contact CS-Cart support team. If I understand you correctly, they fixed similar issue for one customer recently.

Check your thumbnail settings in Admin. If you only have width defined, it will apply the same height value.

For example, with your large images you might've put; 1100 x 733 But for the thumbail, you mightve only put; 1100 - as the first value, so cs cart makes that image; 1100 x 1100

Admin: Settings: Thumbnails.

Thanks! As to exactly how CS-Cart generates thumbnails; assuming a 150 height setting only, would it resize the main image proportionally and then pad the resulting small image to 150X150 using the thumbnail background color as entered in settings?

Maybe some of my thumbnails were cached at wrong sizes as site progressed? Is it possible to just regenerate all the thumbnails without messing with the main uploaded images?

Hi, depending on your image settings in the Admin… as to clearing the cache; - or if you renamed your admin.php file;

Thanks. Will clearing the cache force CS-Cart to regenerate thumbnails or is there something else I need to do?


To delete all thumbanails you should use “ct” instead of the “cc”. For example,


Sorry my bad. Yes “ct” to clear thumbs. “cc” to clear smarty cache.

Thanks. Important maintenance knowledge for a newbie!