Small Engine Parts Anyone ?

i am in the virge of bankruptcy that is why i have a 0.99 cents catalog on my store where everything is $ 0.99 cents i still owe my attorney 1000.00 so im asking if anyone needs any parts for a chainsaw or blower or mower please visit the site i am going to be re going into the ope business with the same cart system but the cart system will be changing categories and products in the next few months all i have to do is edit the existing one before moving to the new database

but here is the store that you can order some very good items and very low prices

while they last certain items are on that .99 cents special

if you saw me here please mention that in the customer note section on the order thank you

Sorry to hear your having problems Calvin!

Anyways…I happen to need some 13 x 6.50 - 6 Front tires for my Hustler Super Z mower, so I will browse your site & see if I can help each other out here!

Hang in there, Obamonomics are about to kick in to high gear! (Soon I hope…:? )

thanks but i did not vote for the one in office right now if it is my design work why i am not getting any sales i am paying 30.00 a month and 400.00 in credit card transaction fees to two sources payjunction and there bank that handles there transactions

i just wish i can get the funds i need to get my attorney paid off its $ 1089.00 i just dont know what to do its putting me into depression constantly looking to see if i got any sales and hardly none people seem to go to the big people such as jacks and m and d and them places im not a computer genious i dont know anything about html css php so i have to have other folks to do my store front design work and upgrades etc.

my vehicle i still owe on it $ 1500.00 then that bill will be paid what am i going to do between the time bankruptcy is being done and the time i have to restart over how will i make ends meet during that time frame i dunno


everyone I know of is hurting in the sales department pretty bad, your not the only one, others are worse off then others, in any business the best rule of thumb is for people to run the joint as debt free as possible, rarely ever use credit card, the best rule is the no cash no buy principle, it’s not always easy but the ones who have run a tight ship from the beginning are generally the ones who squeak out of a recession like the one were in, hang in there and remember bankruptcy or not it’s not going to kill you, it will set you back, don’t let it get you depressed, it’s not worth being depressed about, you tried and it didn’t work out, don’t worry about it, it’s the losers in life who complain about other people who never try anything except complaining about the people who are taking risks and trying new things, keep your cs licenses, you’ll be able to start over…