Small Design Change Help

I just bought CS Cart Professional and trying to make a few minor changes but having problems as I am still learning.

I just want to change the header colour - I changed .header in skins/basic/customer/style.css and this worked but when I add my logo I get a white band across the top - How do I get rid of this ?

Also I want to change text colour in header and footer to white and a different hover colour. Where do I find the CSS to change this.

I have looked at the documentation but it is a bit cryptic.

Any help would be appreciated.

Are there any good tutorial notes around ?




I have fixed the white bar problem, had to make my background image taller.

Still not able to work out how to change text and link colours in header and footer.


Have you tried firefox with firebug addon, right clicking will give you all attributes/classes etc.


Thanks for that tip, helped me with most of the changes.

I am still stuck with the links at the top of the page. I tried to change the css with the code below but ended up changing every link on the page.

Is there something obvious I have got wrong ?

. quick-links-top a, a:visited, a:active, a:hover {

color: #cecece;

text-decoration: underline;

text-decoration: none;

cursor: pointer;