SLOW on first visit?

servers are different (processors, memory, disks) and OS’s are different that potentially affects even of dedicated server.

my sites do the same thing and it’s been to the point at times I’ve thought about switching servers…

[quote name=‘Unregistered’]I just installed a trial cs-cart 2.0.6 on my dedicated server. There is no load on the server at this time of night.

The first time I loaded the admin panel, it took at least 10-20 seconds for the page to load. Same for the store frontend. Subsequent pages load quickly. If I open a new browser, the first time I load the site, it is super slow again.

Does anyone know why this is happening? I would assume a new customer would experience the same thing the first time they visit. Is this related to the trial license?[/QUOTE]

CS-Cart caches pages as they are first visited - subsequent visits should be faster.


you can try a different broswer too. it could be that doing it.

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It’s not the server - 2x Dual Core Woodcrest, 8 GB RAM, SAS drives - with no traffic on it.

It’s not the browser… It happens with Firefox, IE, and Safari on the first visit.

My concern was with customers visiting for the first time and giving up before the site loads.

It must be an isolated issue. If you browse some of the forum members sites, you will see that they load fine.

BTW, welcome.

Maybe it was the trial? I switched to the purchased key and it was faster.

Are you sure it’s not a power management issue on the server. The time it’s taking at first is the time it takes to wake up.

Could the downloading of the graphics have anything to do with it? As most browsers will cache the downloaded files/graphics to speed up the experience, this could be some of the problem.

This also happens with my own site, but we’re only talking about 2-4 seconds on the first time you visit. While on the successive site it loads in 1 sec. (On the screen of course.)

[QUOTE]This also happens with my own site, but we’re only talking about 2-4 seconds on the first time you visit. While on the successive site it loads in 1 sec[/QUOTE]

I experience the same exact behavior on our 2.06 development site (no visitors yet other than when I am working on it).

I open the site in IE and the initial index page load time is always 4-5 seconds. I then close IE & immediately reopen our index page and the reload time is now 1 - 1 1/2 seconds! All subsequent site pages also load in the 1 second range. This has been repeated over & over with the same exact results. I also believed the difference was most likely due to images being cached. I haven’t yet spent much time optimizing our site yet, however, I am a stickler on site speed and won’t be satisfied until I see the 1-2 second page loads on every visit or 98.5% of the time. :cool:

The delay I experienced was at least 20 seconds which is why I was concerned. It happened on both the admin side and the customer side.

However, after I purchased and updated the license, I tried it on another computer which I hadn’t used to access the site, and there was only a normal delay of a few seconds. Therefore I think it was either related to the trial or there was an issue with the licensing server the night I installed the trial… or some other temporary issue.

i have seen this on other custom server setups with custom software (not with CS as of yet).

In the other situations the DB and site were hosted on separate servers and it was almost like the connection between the two needed to be woken up… some tech chnages (unknown) resolved this…

The other issue, when on server hosting multiple sites and when 1 site is getting low traffic and the other getting high traffic - the high traffic site almost hogs the memory, hence the low site then gets its pages/db queries/cache, etc into memory on first try and then quicker after that…

the final one i have to agree with the above… is loading images and browser based cache…

But the fact that moving from demo to real sped it up is probably somehting to do with the protected code in the demo version.

I wanted to bump this thread because I am experiencing the same issue! Close to 30-40 second delay before the site even begins to load!

What is stranger than strange, is that I have two separate CS Cart installations on TWO SEPARATE HOSTS ENTIRELY, and I get the SAME behavior for both sites!

I want to say its some kind of routing issue between my host and my connection, but a) what are the chances its the same exact routing issue on BOTH hosts and b) why does it only affect CS Cart sites? Others load just fine.

I’m beyond baffled and have nowhere to go to troubleshoot this, its just too damn weird.

cheestudio - are you using the trial version? I only experienced the issue with the trial version. I’ve since installed a second licensed store and never had any issues.

The original problem was most definitely not the server, browser, etc. It was cs-cart. But like I said, I’ve never had that problem since.

On first access (by anyone), the system has to rebuild the Registry cache as well as compile the home page (or whatever page you’re viewing). After that, should speed up signficantly.

Would help if you specified the version you are running.

Hello cheestudio,

[quote name=‘cheestudio’]I wanted to bump this thread because I am experiencing the same issue! Close to 30-40 second delay before the site even begins to load!


I’ve looked at your licensed domains in your Help Desk account and visited your websites. I was able to see the CS-Cart based website that has ‘green’ in its domain name (I am not sure if you want to share this domain name here), the rest were closed.

Its entire home page loaded not more than 2-3 seconds for me (it was my first visit). So I am not sure, why you experience 30-40 second delay you reported.

Please post your website here and let the other forum members to check how fast it is.

If you still experience the problem with your CS-Cart installations, please contact us via your Customer Help Desk account and our support team will be happy to assist you.

Thank you.


it was my first visit


Note that my comments above related to “the first visit”, not an individual user’s first visit.

Hello Tony,

[quote name=‘tbirnseth’]Note that my comments above related to “the first visit”, not an individual user’s first visit.[/QUOTE]

Yes, I understand that you mean, but seeing how fast this website is, it is strange to hear the initial compiling and rebuilding takes so much time. There was no much caching in the older versions of CS-Cart and many objects were compiled every page load, but the slowest CS-Cart-based website I have seen loaded 10 seconds for me (I am about the the home page. Of course, for example, an empty search in the database with 100,000 items took longer in the older versions).

Thank you.

Can’t ever trust someone’s view of time. I was just trying to state the facts as it relates to a cleared cache/compiled environment. The biggest issue is the feature/filters that are completely recreated and cached if the cache is cleared. if the compiled directory is cleared then all the templates that build the first page have to also be compiled and cached.

I do not know if the OP has any PHP or JS errors that can also be causing his slowness. I also don’t know how many simultaneous users he has nor anything about his server environment or network.

All are factors.

Good to hear from you again Alex.