Slightly Different Setup

Hello Everyone,

I have a bit of a different setup for my store. I was wondering if there was a 3rd Party Add-On os some pre-built function that you might be able to suggest that would help me manage charity donations.

We have some discontinued items and apparel that we have massive ammounts of stock of and that we want to get rid of. The thing is, we just want to sell them a little above cost, and have all of the 'profits' go to charity.

I was hoping that someone could come up with a relatively easy solution for this, as the closest thing I can come up with is making it a required option on all products, which sesems slightly tedious.

Thanks in Advance!

can't you just put on the product page that for every tshirt sold £1 go to charity? (as an example)

I want to show it in the product area with the prices though.

I dont get it, unless I am missing something.Why do your customers need to know or choose something. Just sell the stuff cheap as you say then give the charity the money?. OR if you think telling people its for charity you will sell more, or get some benefit from, then just add a feature or statement saying so.


Depending on your version, but in V4 things like this are easy to highlight with the default install, just put the details in the products' Promo Text.

I also like the idea of adding a New Category for sale items. You can add a description and image or banner to the category that informs the customer of the promotion details.

Then add the sale products to the category (along with their original category).

I have a category placed at the end of my menu named SALE (with a couple of subcategories) where I list all the discontinued / reduced products - it gets a lot of views.

For the product's details, you could create a block that contains a banner that explains the promotion and add it to each of the products.

I guess the easiest way to put it would be that I'd like to have it like how “list price” and “sale price” are set up, but instead of the “discounted” value being displayed, I want to show the customer how much money is going to charity.


List Price: $30

Our Price: $10

To Charity: $20

In that case, create a language variable for “To Charity”, edit the product template for “You save” and add a condition (ie. if products category is ID = (special offers category ID) then use “To Charity” language variable, else, default condition.

Thus, regular categories products get the default:-

List Price: $30

Our Price: $10

You Save: $20

Special offers category products gets:-

List Price: $30

Our Price: $10

To Charity: $20