Slideshow with Captions very easy

This is a very easy slideshow you can use for front end add’s or whatever you like:


Edit index.tpl add the code in red just after,

{include file="meta.tpl"}[COLOR=Red][/COLOR]Edit customer/welcome.tpl, add code below in red.

```php {* $Id: welcome.tpl 3587 2007-08-07 15:00:15Z angel $ *}

{if $mode ne “catalog”}





Corporate web for the furniture chain "qum" based in southern spain.

Personal web under development for a local carpinter showcasing his work

A personal experiment using only rss sources to create a sports news website for easy and fast acccess.

The articles are gathered by a cron script every 30 minutes and saved into their apropriate category.

The user can the see at a glance the latest headlins and link to the original full story if they find it interesting.

A local restaurant

My little boy's personal web site where he can show all is English family how he is groing up here in Spain.

The code, database and ftp are all used as common elements in several other photo gallery webs in such a way that I only need to modify one web for the changes to be appreciated in all the others.

International real estate web in 10 languages.

All the adverts are placed by private individuals and estate agents.

Currently we are working in over 40 countries in an attempt to become one of the worlds larges real estate portals.

We curreently have an average of 590174 page views per day.




{include file="categories_pages/categories_multicolumns.tpl" categories=$root_categories}



{include file="categories_pages/categories_multicolumns.tpl" categories=$root_categories}


```Add the slideshow_with_captions.js to classes/scripts/ folder

The code in blue, is if you want the captions.

Add images to your customer/images/ folder

Add slideshow.css to your customer/ folder

Thats it have fun...

very nice…now that your on a mod roll, why can’t we have something cool like this?

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Sno, you could probably go a little further with this and create a way for it to show information from the database, such as product image + description caption. It would be like a new listmania option.

The code for this easy slide show has been tidied up for validation.