Slideshow! How to setup?

Hi guys,

i have one question: How can i insert in front of the page some slideshow? How to implement that? I presume that it’s not some problem but i don’t know how to do it - where to edit and what to edit :). I have downloaded cu3er and i am looking now how to implement that in my frontpage. Maybe there is some better solution from cu3er? If it’s so plzz recommend me. Thanks :wink:

Nobody after this looong time? :(((

Yeah, I just set this up today. Here’s what I did:

  1. Move the cu3er files.

    You have to put cu3er.swf and config.xml in the /cscart folder and the images that you want to use for your cu3er slider into cscart/images. Then move the expressInstall.swf and swfobject.js files into the cscart/js folder.

  2. Add a banner.

    In the Admin Panel go to Content>Banners and click add a banner.

    Name: cu3er (or whatever),

    Type: graphic banner

    Image: locate the cu3er.swf file on your server

    Open in new window: leave unchecked

    URL: put whatever link you want to open when the banner is clicked

    Create date: doesn’t matter

    Status: make sure Active is checked

  3. Place banner.

    In the Admin Panel go to Design>Blocks>Homepage and (if you want this banner to be on the homepage only) and click +Add Block.

    Name: Cu3er (or whatever you named it)

    Block content: Banners

    Filing: Manually

    Position: top(or where ever you’d like the slider to show up)

    Appearance type: Original

    Wrapper: – (you can change this if you’d like to add borders and margins)

    Hit Create.

    4.Turn it on.

    You’ll be back at the Design>Blocks page of the Admin Panel so find the cu3er block that we just added (probably to the top). Click the little " + " next to cu3er to expand the menu and click +Add. It brings up the Add banners: screen. Check the box next to cu3er, click Add banners and you’re done.

    Now, you might want to break the banner out of the flow of the page. You’ll have to know CSS to do this.

    Use [url][/url] to guide you through the configuration of the XML file that changes the look of cu3er.

    I’m still designing my site on a local server, so I’m not sure if the paths are exactly the same, but you should be able to figure it out.

    This is as far as I got. I cannot figure out how to change the size of the banner. Cu3er was designed to be coded directly to an html file for simpler websites than what we’re working with so in order to make changes to the size, I have to figure out how CS Cart embeds the object. No matter what I change, I can’t shake that 600x300px format!