Slectable options on single products


Right now what we have is a very simple solution for the options inside the products.

Either a client choose a option or not.

But I have seen ppl strugling me included with a seletacble option, let me explain.

I sell eibach spings anc coilovers, and as you know, thery manufactur for ALL brands of cars ALL models and ALL motorizations.

How can I put this online for a client to choose without going through a endless list of options, for example:

Client selects 1 option (audi)

A 2 option shows up with all the models

Client selects 2 option (A3 8P)

a 3 option shows up with the engines

Client selects 3 option with the respective engine (lets say a 1.9 TDI 110HP)

Price change client buys.

Is this possible?

I even considered pulling up a external script inside the description to do this (ajax based) but without any luck.

Here is an example of a living site doing what Im asking here.



Hi,use the following methos to limit options (if I understand you correctly)

  1. Under the product udner “Options settings” set Options type: sequential (this means that the customer has to select the first option first) set Exceptions type: allowed.
  2. Under the options tab (at the top of product details) create an option (such as car type) and press save. Then under variants create your car models.
  3. Select the link at the bottom of the products page Allowed combinations

    and create the combination that are allowed for example:

    audi: spring 1

    audi: srping 2


    you need to play around a bit.

    for my use had to limit table top options to the size of the table chosed in the previous option.

    Hope that helps a little.

Have a look here: [url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation


I think what you’re saying is the correct one for me…

I’ll check it out thank you


From what I see, I think you should do the following:

Go to a particular product, select from Options type: Sequential.

Now, go to to Options Tab. Configure the correct position for your options, in order to display how you want (1,2,3…). brand / car type / engine …

From Variants tab, apply price modifier for each combination you might need.

Hope this will help,