Skin width

Hi, I need to modify the width on the Lolly Skin, I already checked all files and did not find where. Thank you for your respond.


You will have to modify styles.css which is located at skins/lolly/customer .

Edit the line 450 with the width you need to adjust the main container.

#container {

width: [color=“#FF0000”][color=“#FF0000”]990[/color][/color]px;


You might have to make more adjustments in order for the template to appear correctly at your desired width

Do it via a and use a unique filename such as local_styles.css so that future upgrades will not clobber your changes. Do a search of the forum for how to utilize the styles hook.

Never modify a standard file if you don't absolutely have to.

Thank you guys,it is working now the way a wanted. Thank you again.