Skin Selector will not save!

I am trying to save a new skin from the down menu. The website loads all of the content, waits 10 seconds, but returns to the skin selector page with the old skin still active. For some reason, the new skin won’t save.

I can’t figure it out. Please help.

There are updates I need, but CS-Cart has locked up the upgrade option because I can not afford to purchase it. I know the skin is loaded in my ftp, is there anyway I can activate it through that?

I need to purchase some upgrade subscription, in order to get a theme that they put on their demo site, like it’s included with the price.

Just another way for CS-Car to make a buck off of me. Oh well…

I don’t know what version you’re using but you shouldn’t have any problem changing skins. If you’re wanting a skin that’s in a newer version then yes, you will have to purchase the upgrade.

I have 2.1.2 Professional

Only the basic skin is available. They all show but when you try to change to another skin, it just stays on basic. When I go into the template editor it shows the skins that I have tried to install.

Clear your CS-Cart Cache, it is a lovely thing !