Sites/People here that does SEO submission/tweaking?

Hope im not confusing SEO with something else, but I am having a hard time getting my site submitted to any search engines. I have tried TMOZ several times, yahoo, aol, etc. My results are way down. There is a message board that I visit that has only been up a couple years. Anyways, I posted a message on there about an item…15 minutes later I google for what I was writing about, and it was already on the front page of google, with my message that was submitted just a few minutes before. Are there any good websites or people on here that does such a thing? Ive looked into it and really confused. Thanks

You're mixing up a couple of things here. It looks like your store is already in the index. This means you won't have to submit it again.

It's now a matter of getting more relevant links going to your website so the search engines will think you have an interesting site and will rank you higher. Also, writing unique content is becoming more and more important, for example in your blog.

Open a facebook fanpage and link to your shop. Same for google+, pinterest, etc. place some interesting posts there with links to your shop.

That would be a nice start.

Now when it comes to ranking, don't forget google personlizes that since some time. So if you visit the message board you are talking about lots of times, this will end up high for you since google thinks you like the page. So when checking ranking, always use a browser with cache turned off, and signed out of any google accounts. I like to use Opera for this. I've had a lot of clients who thought they were ranking on the first page, while their actual result was way down.