Sitemap Skipping ALL Products

I tried to refresh my sitemap… I currently have 40,000 items and none of them are showing in my sitemap after I clear the cashe, and recreate the file. When I recreate the sitemap, it should show all of my products, categories, etc. Currently it is only showing my categories.

My categories (except for the root ones) are all “hidden” They are manually linked on the pages from one page to another… but when I create the sitemap the products in those hidden categories do not show.

How do I alter this? Any help would be great…

Which sitemap? The HTML sitemap (as generated at the sitemap.view dispatch) or the sitemap.xml? The sitemap page should, as default, only include pages and categories. The sitemap.xml should include everything - pages, categories and products. If it is not, I would suggest checking your server logs for memory errors as it may have timed out the process of generation and omitted some items.

The xml sitemap will only map categories and products that are active.

Thanks, i had to make my categories active in order for them to work. Thank you.