Sitemap Not Showing Search Friendly Urls

v4.2.2 using SEO add-on and Google Sitemap add-on.

The sitemap still shows the old /index.php?dispatch=pages.view&page_id=2

instead of the search friendly url

Is there some edits needed in add-on to use the SEF URLS?

Did you try to regenerate sitemap?

ecomlabs - yes. Also, uninstalled/reinstalled sitemap add-on and changed settings.

The func.php for the sitemap add-on is the version from 2004 and specifies the links with the product_id= paths.

function fn_google_sitemap_generate_link($object, $value, $languages)
$http_location = Registry::get('config.http_location');

switch ($object) {
case 'product':
$link = 'products.view?product_id=' . $value;



Although, I guess this is correct after comparing this file with the func file in another cs-cart site where the friendly urls are displaying properly in the sitemap.

It is required to examine issue on your server. Possibly there was a bug in the old version

Resolved. Big duh. There was an old hardcoded sitemap.xml sitting in the web root. Deleted it and all works. Thanks for your help.