Im urgently needing to change away from heart internet and siteground was suggested. It costs very little and im worried about the quality of the host and the speed when the traffic gets busy.

Anyone using siteground who can vouch for them?

Everyone to my knowledge vouches against them…

I sent some clients to cyberlnc and they are very satisfied.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

CyberLNC is managed hosting. More expensive than shared but necessary for e-commerce IMO. I have a client using Siteground and no problems so far.

Im going over to cyber lnc

thanks guys!!!

Good choice, never heard that was problem with cyberlnc.

Does anyone know if CyberLNC installs CS Cart for you? I have my site with siteground and I’ve noticed my connection to MySql goes down at least daily. Because Siteground did the install and setup, I have no idea how to get my changes installed if I host with another company.



Contact S-Combs or JesseLeeStringer

Ok thanks!!

Or you can contact me.

Roban knows his stuff if you can’t contact me (sick at the moment)