Site with default look

Hi all, I just wanted to show what a site can look like without all the bells and whistles. I am only using the defalt lite skin and I have implemented the point system. This is a fully functional store so please do not do test purchases.

I did the top half banner using a program called “Logo Creator” by laughingbird software. I strongly suggest getting this as it makes life easier for us folks who do not know anything about photoshop.

Anyways, the site is:

Go check it out, let me know.

Sometimes simple is better. :slight_smile:

I’d suggest you changed your images to jpg instead of bmp. The thumbnails are approx 84k each. As a jpg you could get this down to 10k each, this would save you a hell of alot of bandwidth as well as speeding up your site.

I use a seperate thumbnail (120x120px) and seperate main image. This helps when there are alot of products on one page. Each thumbnail would be no more than 8k each.

You home page has 334.8k of images, optimised you could get this down to 120-130k.

This isn’t a criticism but something you may want to consider.

I use photoshop ( Save for web & devices ) for all my images, your tophalf.jpg will go down to 28k instead of 74k without any decernable degradation in image quality.

Hey thanks for the note, the only 3 pictures that I have besides the default ones that come with CS cart are my logo, the tophalf jpg and another one. The other images are not stored on my server. I just cant find the bmps, I would not have put bitmaps up on purpose as I do know they are huge in size. So which ones are you referring to in specific as bmps go. If they are the product pics, those are stored elsewhere and not supplied by me directly.

Your product images are bmp.

You can check your site here: [url][/url]

Well fortunatly and unfortunatly. I do not store the images on my server, they are fed to me through a datafeed. But it is interesting on why they would use bmps. I will let them know.

[quote name=‘russ1106’]

Sometimes simple is better. :)[/quote]

My critiscism is…

Simple is better, but default demo skin isnt…

You have now unique identity, nothing to distinguish you from other default cs-cart stores, and theres a lot of them about…

Ok, so what do your customers care, they arent looking at CS right…

Nope, but with CS-Cart on the up… theres gonna be a fair few carts out their selling similar things and all looking the same, which in turn will lead customers to thinking either, they are the same company, or they are some kind of scam quickly set up with no consideration.

Not even the logo is striking enough to give you an identity…

Sorry !