Site with 671.000 Products

I have imported 671000 items for testing before buying Cs-Cart. Actually my ecommerce site has more than 720000 items.

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Queries are very slow, more than 30 secs.

I am using an hosting server with more than 100 sites, so I think the query speed could be improved with a dedicated server, but I am not sure it will be enough to go to a max. response time of less than 5 secs.

Any help or suggestion?

First thing - good VPS or a Dedicated box. There are companies which can give you VPS for one month for free to try. Go with one with PHP 5.2.13, some Xeon CPU, and min 512MB. 256MB for PHP only to execute scripts. I have a website with more than 15k categories and 6k of products. It wotks well and to list all products in one go it takes below 5sec.

Also, use Opimize database facility in CS Admin.

If things are better than now and if you can spend more, get a box with 2GB.

256MB for PHP? Wow. The default is like 8MB… I am a fan of upping MySQL cache, not PHP.

For all my coding days with PHP I seen only specific moments when PHP ran out of memory was run away loops and manipulating hi-rez images with PHP image functions. Setting PHP at 48MB should be like MAX.

8MB you get with cheap hosting. On 32Mb to add a new product I had to wait over 30sec. Now, it’s like a dream.