Site Wide ( All Pages) Annuncement

Hi All

I came here with a Refreshing question ( and you know we all need it nowadays :grin: )

I'm looking for a way, an Idea, or eventually a mod

to Print out to the pubblic ( non just logged id )

Site Wide: any page/Item /Categories etc

A little Info. ( we are closed till...)

I'll prefer something of simple given it'll be on use just 20 days per year but..

open to any

SO thanks in advance to anyone who come up with something

May the holy Polar bear bless you ( it's so hot..)



I was looking for something a bit more.. Pro n smooth as to say.

Just to encore in any page.
Thanks for tip anyway.
It's a possibility.
May the polarb with u :)

I use the paid version, works great, you can style it as good as your html can take you