Site News Unavailable

Greetings all,

I am trying to understand how the “Site News” feature works. However, I do not even have the option to use it, as the “Site News” option is missing from the “Website” menu pull-down.

The “News/Email” add-on is active, and I do have the options for Newsletters and Newsletter Sign-Up in the menu pull-down.

Please let me know if I'm missing some configuration setting here. Thanks!

If News and Emails addon is active, can you view:

OK, this works… thanks! By why, pray tell, is it not in the menu? My client is not going to remember to enter this URL…

Have you cleared your cache,

Yep, menu item is still not there. I've got Content, Tags, Newsletter Sign-Up, Newsletters, Banners, Comments And Reviews, Testimonials.

No “News”…

OK, maybe this is a bug… The “Newsletter Sign Up” link actually goes to the “News” page. Also, on the site, the page of latest news is called “Newsletter Sign-Up”. Obviously I'd like to change both of these to just say “News”. Any thoughts?