Site map with or without www - which should I do ?

My server can generate an xml site map for google.

But it gives me a choice of with or without the www.

Does it matter which I generate?

Am I better to send it automatically as part of the server script or to upload it myself to my account.

Some sites have the xml site map as a link - is there any need to do this ?


I’m not sure if it matters either, but I would go with the www

It doesn’t matter which you use, but you want to use one or the other. It’s better to have 8000 pages indexed on than 3000 on and 5000 on This is referred to in SEO as “page rank leak”

I went down the www route I thought it looked nicer in the url and heck if amazon do then who am i to argue.

I thought that I’d point this out: [URL]Google's PageRank explained with a Spreadsheet