Site Help - Mod List

I’m currently trying to setup cs-cart in a way that it wasn’t exactly meant for and it is requiring some amount of tweaking. Here is a list of some capabilities I’m looking for and wondering if anyone has seen these applied or knows someone willing to work on a couple projects. If the later, please leave an estimate either by message or reply, thanks:

Membership Sign-ups:

Can different memberships fill out different forms? I am trying to setup different kind of accounts that all tie into one site and need different information from everyone. Along with this, I want the registration process to also tie into a payment process. So once a membership is selected the customer then fills out that memberships form and clicks proceed where they pay for that membership. Also, if at all possible, once payment goes through the account is activated.

Viewing Account:

I want a username and password login that will lead to a screen that simply lets the person view a single product listing/pdf. I’m thinking this would be easier done as a subdomain with a different program but if it can be done in cs-cart all the better.

Product Editing:

Is there anyway for a member to be assigned a product only he/she can edit? Either through the partnership site or anything else. I’m trying to let people list information for products they have and an easy way for them to update it.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

I’ve figured out to mix drupal with cs cart, all is well.