Site goes back to cart after checkout

just did a demo order on my site and after I gave the site my credit card info to process my payment, it gave me the “waiting…” thing but afterwards instead of going to the order complete page, it bounced back to my shopping cart. In admin, I see the new order as it went through just fine.

Is this a settings issue? I don’t understand why it won’t take me to the order landing page but instead the cart.

After I place an order, it takes me here: index.php?dispatch=checkout.cart

The same carts are in the item, tells me to checkout again. BUT admin is showing the order was placed.

I unchecked the box in admin, “When the customer clicks on any Checkout button/link in the store, redirect to the Cart content page first”

After i did a test order, it did not go back to the cart but went back to the checkout with an alert that said “This transaction has been approved.”

How come it will not take people to the order landing page? My cart is working minus this one glitch.