Site Down - Need Emergency Assistance

At I am getting the following message:

The encoded file /home/barnligh/public_html/core/https_detect.php has expired.

Can anyone please let me know how I can resolve this.

I need to get the site back up ASAP. email me or PM me.


Bryan Scott

sounds like you have the encoded version of cscart… (demo) which is only good for 45 days… if you have the reg’d version, then just re-upload that file.

Thank you Jesse Lee Stringer for all your help today…You Rock!

The site is back up!

The cause was determined to be the demo or demo parts got transfered to the new server instead of the full version.

Just incase anyone here is confused beyond belief,

I helped Bryan get his store working again (that and he’s acknowledged luckdragon for his support )

heh… I’m more confused now :stuck_out_tongue: (but that’s natural) lol