Site catalog bulk creation

Is there any solution to create the bulk catalog by using a csv file?

Thank you in advance

You mean importing products into your store? Then yes, you can do that through an option Administration → Import data → Products.

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Thank you, Robert.
I mean, im going to do a new site, but there are so many catalogs, I wonder if I can create then by using a file.
Not the products.


I do not quite understand what do you want to achieve. Import takes the .csv file you provide, and creates products in store using this file. Is that not what you need?

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Do you want to import catalog structure (categories) from another store?

I want to use a csv file to create the product catalogs alone, only including the catalog title, short description, catalog keywords.
I remember there’s used to have a solution like the catalog name, catalog title, catalog short description, catalog keywords

something like that, the product categories, including their name, short description, keywords

You still use product import for that.
If product already exists in store, the import mechanism only updates its data.
So, you can prepare a CSV file contains only product identificator, some selected columns (ex. name, short description, keywords), import it, and it will update the data in existing products, provided they have the same identificator.

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i did but the columns are for the products, not for the categories.
what should i do ?

Our solution can help you

By the way, can we import with excel or only CSV file

Excel files can be exported to CSV format (provided that they do not contain any kind of special data, like images or charts), so you can use them in import.

.xlsx files are not supported out of the box by CS-Cart. Converting is required

Thank you, will go over it.