Simultaneously Setting Supplier In Multiple Product Records Possible?

Is it possible to set the “supplier” field value for a selection of records or must one actually do this manually for each product record? Say it aint so.

When I go in to suppliers I can do a search which pulls up all records from a supplier (I have imported them with categories foreach supplier).These can be “added” one page at a time, but the adding does nothing unless the supplier is manually entered. One would think that clicking “add” in the supplier products window would set the supplier value in all added records but this does not happen when I perform this procedure. Any insights appreciated.

You can bulk edit that value and here is how: CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

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You can bulk edit that value and here is how:…ue-all-products


Thanks. This is a help but still does not let me replace all the found records with one supplier value. Instead, I have to go down a page and select the supplier for each product from a drop down list. The real problem is that I have found 187 products with a filter on a “Brand” feature. CS-Cart has a maximum of 100 records on search result pages, so I must do this operation by pages. Problem is that after the first page, clicking the link for the next page does not find any records. If I try to repeat the operation, there is no way for me to separate the products I have already assigned the desired supplier to from those which have not been assigned a supplier.

It would be great if “Supplier” could be imported in a CSV.


I found by experimenting a bit that when I reduce the number of records shown on a page the page links did not crap out after the first page. 70 products per page works for me (maybe this is server resource-dependent), and my entire found set took three pages. It was still necessary to do it a page at a time because after modifying the records on the first search page one needs to save, which makes it necessary to repeat the search. Still, pretty easy for small sets (maybe under 300) products. IMO the ability to import Supplier field with a CSV should be a standard feature, since many who drop ship will want to put large catalogs of products on their store…

[quote name='merchantman' timestamp='1414235312' post='195207']It would be great if “Supplier” could be imported in a CSV.


It can.

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It can.


Arrgh! I wasted a little time but got to know CS-Cart better. I was looking at “list of fields your data file can contain” on the products import page and “Supplier” is not there. Apparently activating Suppliers add-on adds Supplier field which is exactly like the other fields, but the list on the page is just static text. Good to know I can just add suppliers to my import CSVs. Thanks for the heads up.