Simtech PWAJet addon - Product Specific block content not working

Has anyone else run into this issue/found a way around it with the PWAJet addon by Simtech?

We have a feature on our product view page of Related Products - mainly to show a customer other items that go with the one they’re looking at, just simple links to other products that we manually enter the data for.

This works on the main and the mobile site layouts fine, but doesn’t work on PWAJet.
In Design > Layouts > PWAJet layout > Products; we have created a new block, type “PWAJet: Products”, called the new block “Related Products” and set it to manual fill. We have also double checked the Dispatch is set to “View Product” for this layout.
This is all the exact same setup as the Main and Mobile layouts.

We then go to one of our products, click “Layouts”, choose “PWAJetLayout”, click to edit the content and manually fill the “Related Products” block with the data relevant to that product.
This doesn’t show anything to the user.
The content saves correctly against the product, but the front end doesn’t display anything.

Has anyone had a similar experience & found a way around it?

I think your best bet is to contact Simtech about this issue, they’ll tell you if it’s a bug or if it works as intended.

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