Simplify email notifications

Hi All,

I have looked through the forum for answers for this but could not find exactly what I need, which is: I would like to set the email notifications for just one message to be sent after the customer places their order (order confirmation) and a copy of the order to admin. I do not want to flood the customer and ordering department with email notifications of changed order status’. Is there a simple, global way to do this?

I am not a programmer.

Thanks in advance.


Hey there,

It’s all customizable… Check out Admin->Orders->Order Statuses

Edit each one and you’ll see checkboxes for Notify Customer and Notify Orders Dept… Check them as you see fit …


Ok, I went through the Order status’ and have only checked ‘notify user’ on the Open status. Placed a test order, the ‘customer’ and Admin got the order confirmation.

When I went in and changed the status from Open to Processed, if I didn’t uncheck the options at the bottom of that window that say: “notify customer” and “notify orders department”, before changing the status, both the customer and admin got an email showing the status change. It would be nice if these check boxes could be set to default to nothing checked instead of the other way around.

Thanks for your help!


It sounds as if you did NOT change the notification settings in the Processed status. If you did and it’s still not behaving as you expect, clear your cache and try it again.

Note that if you use online payment providers (paypal,, etc.) then the Open status notifications are not honored by the system. Since when those type of processors complete, the order will be automatically set to the Processed status.

Best settings are to have both Open and Processed set to notify customers and orders department. If an order is in the Open status then you should not set it to Processed if you don’t want to send notifications again.

Of course, there’s no way to tell in the standard cart what emails are sent and when… But then there’s an addon for that.