Simple template changes - best practices?

Well, I’ve been using hooks for almost 2 years now (since introduction of 2.0) and I can assure you they work and they work well. There is only one bug that I’m aware of (and cs doesn’t see it as a bug) but it doesn’t affect anything you’re doing.

That being said, if you’re not getting the debug window then you have something wrong in either the path to your file, the filename or you have it in the wrong skins directory (I’ve made all these mistakes so that’s why I know what they are).

If you want to PM me with FTP credentials for your site, I’d be happy to take a look for you. I hate it when rumors get people to use bad practices because someone missunderstood something somewhere along the line. Or you can send the credentials in email to tonybXX@XXez-ms.XXcom (remove the X’s).

Update: another possibility is that some other addon is using an styles.override.tpl file which will override your changes. Maybe you’re using a custom skin?

I’ll try to sit down this weekend and see if I did something wrong. I’ve gone over it several times, but sometimes I still end up missing the slightest things.

I guess you could say it is a “custom” skin, but not anything I have bought. All I did was make a copy of the main skin, rename it and now I am messing with that. I didn’t want to mess up the basic skin in my testing. It has been interesting. Since I have been stuck on 1.3.5 sp4 for so long there is a learning curve trying to find things.

[quote name=‘tbirnseth’]Too hard to guess from here… If you added a {debug} at the top of your file, does the debug window show?[/QUOTE]

Well, good news! The {debug} code that I added on the tpl page must have ended up working at some point. The bad news is I ended up having some problems on my server over the past few days as it kept OOming. Then when I went to the site the {debug} window popped up so now we are guessing at this point that the {debug} window might have been killing my RAM? I just removed the {debug} code to see if I have the same RAM problems when more customers are at the site.

Now I’ve got to be back on the “hooks” and see if I can figure out what I messed up there. Gotta love it!

Remember, the goal of the {debug} was simply to demonstrate that your file was being loaded. So you should see its contents in the “view source” of all your pages (the link tag).