Simple Request For Quote

I have read the post on SnoRockets Quote/Invoice System…it’s probably more than I need…

We do promotional products and in our store we offer ‘Buy It Now’ products that include a one color imprint with either text or user supplied art.

Once you get beyond a one color imprint it starts to become a custom job and we like to quote it to give the best price possible.

I have created some custom contact forms … no problem …but the question I have is this…

I would like to put a Request For Quote Link or button on the product detail page that would open a contact page with at a minimum the product and description filled in to alleviate the client needing to cut and paste info…

Ideally I would pick up the quantity and option information as well…

Is there something like this out there or can someone point me to a similar mod that is picking up product detail off the product page. Else I suppose I could dig through the code and see whats happening when you hit the Add to Cart button.

Save me some time if you can :slight_smile:

Hi Kvaanlar,

did you come across anything for a quote system, i am trying to do this also.



I am also looking for a quote system. Have you found anything?

not yet, I have donated to snos mod but dunno when its gonna be actioned.


This quote/addon mod is about $600 away from the project being started,


This looks like it is a great way of getting the customers nailed down with trackable quotes which are availble in the webstore so can be chased down by telephone with all details to hand which I find then closes almost every sale.

I can put $400 into this and want to get it done if anyone can raise the other $200 or split it then we are off and running.

think of extra sales it will generate and time saving for you instead of looking for that s****py peice of paper or endlessly typing out emails for quotes.