Simple Picture On Dropdown Menu

Hello Dear cs-cart community,
Recently I started to use this wonderful cs-cart platform, and currently I`m creating my custom theme
I got stuck at some point where I wanted to add a simple picture inside of drop down menu (each drop down menu will have it own custom picture)
After of some research I fount out that all manipulations can be made in topmenu_dropdown.tpl in the template directory..

As far I able to add html string to display my custom image, but all the drop down menus have same picture.. and I can`t add different picture to each menu
it`s just a simple option that I want to make, and I don`t want to create addon for it or buy any other 100$ omg.. addon just to add a custom picture to my menu .. plox help :)

For example, you can add the following code

{if $smarty.foreach.item1.iteration == 1}
{elseif $smarty.foreach.item1.iteration == 2}
{elseif $smarty.foreach.item1.iteration == 3}

eComLabs It`s brilliant solution !

Thank you ;) works perfect !

We were glad to help you!