Sign In And Wish List Button Link


May i know how to add a sign in button at top panel?


When I press sign in link,it direct me to login page as usual

After login,the sign in link become sign out or profile word.

Thank You

Create new smarty block and add following

{if $auth.user_id} {__("sign_out")} {else} {__("sign_in")}{__("register")} {if $settings.Security.secure_storefront != "partial"}
{include file="views/auth/login_form.tpl" style="popup" id="popup`$block.snapping_id`"}
{/if} {/if}

There is one problem with this code if you are using social login addon, those buttons are not displayed in popup.. While popup from my account drop down does display those. What is even more strange that this popup does display social login buttons if its clicked not from homepage but from view cart page.. :)


Thank Darius,this is amazing…it work…the only problem is the social login button as u mention.if can solve it ,it will be nice…thank you so much