sidebox login bug on 1.3.3?

after the 1.3.3 upgrade from 1.3.1, the sidebox login, once logged in, keeps displaying the username and password fields instead of “user x is logged in”.

From what I can see in the cs-cart demo it works fine?! :confused:

Is this a bug? :-?

There may be a problem caused from missing 1.3.2. Not sure though, try contacting support through the helpdesk.

Same here… from 1.3.2 to 1.3.3. Lordmatrix, found a solution yet?

Hello Hans,

tech support solved the issue for me. There was a problem after the upgrade done by cs-cart team. It has been fixed really quickly.

Don’t happen to know what they fixed, do you? I’m out of my 30 days support long time ago, they probably won’t help me with this.

sorry I have no idea. As I said this happened after the upgrade done by them so they had to fix it even if I had no support days left.

Sorry for not being able to help you.

Found it.

The check who’s logged in has changed a little. Change

{if $auth.login}


{if $auth.user_id}

Do a search and replace on all you files. “{if $auth.login}” isn’t used anymore, nowhere.