Sidebox Background Colour


I’m a newbie to CS Cart and it seems a great program

Any thoughts on how I can change the background color of the side boxes, in particular the Categories and Information boxes.

Many thanks


It’s all in styles.css

Hi Roban

Many thanks for your speedy reply. However where in Styles do I make the amendments for sideboxes I mentioned?



Hi again

As I am new to this could you please advise where in styles.css I should make the changes and what changes do they need to be to change the background colour of the sideboxes I mentioned above.

Many thanks


Get Firefox and get the Firebug addon for it. It will allow you to select any part of a webpage and see what the html code is for it and also what css code goes with it. You can even test alter changes to css from it to see how it looks, then move the changes over to the actual css file.

And when the time comes and you are wanting to start messing around with page layouts, enable the design mode from the admin so you can see what tpl files are used on each page as you view them.

Thanks Adrodic

I will certainly try this and let you know how I get on


Hi Adrodic

Many thanks for the heads up on Firebug. I’m just getting to grips with it but it looks like an awesome tool.

Once again. many thanks - it is appreciated