Side box emenu for pages

I would like some help to create a sidebox menu for pages just like the categories emenu.

I’ve only worked with cs-cart for about a week so still fairly new to this. I have been able to make most design changes needed, but this one I need help with.

categories_emenu.tpl calls views/categories/components/menu_items.tpl

pages_dynamic.tpl calls views/pages/components/pages_tree.tpl

seems like pages_tree.tpl could be modified to work similar to menu_items.tpl, but I am not familiar enough with the pages / categories code to convert it over.

Thanks in advance

To clarify, you can add a category block in the side bar and choose filling:emenu which creates a horizontal drop-down menu for your products. However, I don’t see any way to do this for information pages. I would like to be able to choose which root pages to include in the block, and have it populate the drop-down menu with all the sub-pages.

You can do this in the top-menu (which I have done using the artificial castings skin - see url below), but I want the top menu to be reserved for product categories, with the information pages in the side-bar.

I don’t like how the pages block (filling / appearance:dynamic) works. It is too slow for the amount of sub-pages I will have.


I run into the same problem. Been messing for a while with emenu to find a decent way to add custom pages link to them,.

I figure I will revive this thread as I am having a similar challenge